Saturday, June 6, 2009

As the world unfolds...

(originally posted on August 06, 2007)

> Life is too short, so do what makes you happy
> Smile a lot even your heart is aching
> Pray as much as you can and always praise and thanks Him
> Be thankful for what you have while working on what you want
> TIME is the best expression of love
> Be good to all your friends not b'coz they are good but b'coz you are good.
> Don't expect people will treat you the same way
> Always do good to your neighbor and don't expect something in return (you do things b'coz you want to kaya don't make sumbat! people didn't force you to be good anyway)
> You meet a lot of new friends and realized that the old ones are still the best
> Prepare yourself to get hurt b'coz even your closest friend can hurt you
> Learn to forgive and forget
> Listen to others' opinion and decide for yourself
> Be happy with your friends' success and be there if they need you
> Don't try to please everybody
> Don't explain; your friends don't need it and your enemy would not believe it.
> Even best friends have their own private lives; it’s up to them if they will share but don't oblige them to divulge everything to you.
> If they choose not to share, respect them
> Everything happens for a reason
> Appreciate your talents before appreciating others (but don’t be so proud)
> Believe that if others can do it, you can too.
> Open yourself to other opportunities
> Don't judge others
> The person you least expect will give you the best advice (thanks rommell!)
> Love as if you never get hurt
> The earth revolves around the sun and continuously change every second
> Be you and keep going!

There are still lots of lessons that will come my way as I continue my journey in life. In weeks, I will start another year of expedition and I know with the lessons of yesteryears that I had and God that never get tired of blessing me, next year will be as easy as ABC. ;)

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