Saturday, June 6, 2009

Done at last!!!

(done at last! posted on May 08, 2007)

"Two years after I graduated from college, I'll take a short or second course"

I went over to this note written in my college organizer. The whole page contains my personal plans after my college graduation dated January 04, 2002.I ran through the written words in that small piece of paper and suddenly realized that little by little I did accomplish, if not all, most of those written plans.

I remember my first day in Graduate School. It was different. I feel different. At first, I was scared. I'm not certain if I was sure then, if I will make it. If can do it. Most of my first classmates were older than me, were higher ranking in their respective companies, and were more mature, have more experiences to share and more composed. And because of these, I felt more scared. I was 23 when I decided to pursue a Graduate course. I can say that I was the youngest in my first class in Graduate School (well somehow it gave a little pride to be in GS classroom at my age).

My three-and-a-half-year in GS is not a joke. I did a lot of adjustments, self-fed information, research and more readings. Not to mention the pressure I had in my work and my personal problems. I remember one time when I forced to choose whether to take the Comprehensive Examinations on September 2006 or to postpone because of an ailing family member. I was compelled to stop for 1 semester to attend to my father’s needs, a decision I never and will never regret.

As what many speeches said, graduation is not the end but a beginning of an endless journey of life. It is the first step to face the challenging world of humans, to apply what we have learned, to share the wisdom we have gained, and to be a prolific citizen that will provide inspiration and encouragement to the next generation.

A lot of people should be given appreciation and admiration for giving me, in any way, reasons to pursue my degree. I can’t name them one by one in this blog but in my heart you are all remembered and cherished. I owe this little triumph to all of you guys and of course to our Almighty God. Jesus, this is for you!

Graduation Day, Commencement Exercise, or Degree Day, whatever they call it I’m pleased for at last I’m done! To my fellow Master’s and Doctoral graduates… Cheers and Good luck!!!

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