Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kansurok: My 1st Mission

(originally posted on Dec 08, 2008)

I first heard of Kansurok Missions Trip last August and I was saddened that I was not able to join the team then. And so, I promise that the next time there will be another mission trip, I will join them by hook, or by crook.

At last, God opens the door for me to serve Him when I was told that there will be another mission trip to Kansurok on November 5-10. I immediately grabbed the opportunity to join the team and since then, I constantly prayed to the Lord, that He will allow me to be part of this mission trip. God favored me and permitted me to join.

Quite frankly, I was a bit overwhelmed as I was given the chance to be part of this 5-day mission trip - to be an ambassador for Christ in a town that is totally far-off to me. I admit that I was a bit anxious and I didn’t know what to expect since it was my first time going on a mission trip. However, as I took that first step of faith and consented, the nervousness soon turned into excitement. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”. These words of encouragement and comfort from Matthew 28 gave me all the strength and will-power I needed to complete the desire of my heart to go on and proclaim the good news of the Lord.

The Kansurok Mission Trip was simply awesome. God’s grace and favor was strongly evident during the entire course of the trip. I was met with the warmest welcome that a stranger could hope for in a distant land. The people quickly captured my heart with their warm smiles and kind words. Having gone there to help and to serve, I was humbled by their hospitality and their zeal in caring for our needs.

The primary focus of this mission trip was evangelism. And I thank God for my EE Training that I’ve used during the mission. In Kansurok, I saw a place that displayed an insatiable thirst for Christ. Our team walked into these towns crossing the rivers and conducted door-to-door evangelism, open-air meetings, evangelistic crusade and church service creating a Christian awareness in this environment. The response that we received was amazing. People welcomed us into their homes with open hearts, some with tear-filled faces. They received our prayers and listened eagerly as we shared the Gospel. Several people accepted Christ into their hearts for the very first time. A few came forward in obeying the Lord in water baptism.

We were so happy and thrilled to see how the kids of Kansurok embraced the Gospel message and play cheerfully knowing that everything is for Jesus. It was great to see them talk and even pray without any hesitation. I remember one time, when we saw these kids praying earnestly for electricity to turn back on so that they could watch a film that we promised them to show. As we completed the task, these kids thank God in prayer for the electricity. My heart overjoyed and I was blessed with the kind of heart these kids have for Jesus.

Prior to our trip, all I wanted was God to move and to reveal His glory to me. That was exactly what happened in Kansurok. I experienced God in an entirely new way. I found a freedom that I haven’t known here at home. God changed me and become more real to me than ever before. I realized how sharing Jesus with someone wasn’t as difficult as I thought it to be. My faith increased greatly and found out that all I had to do was make myself available to Him, listen to His voice and He would use me.

We all know that this is just the beginning and God has great things in store for the people of Kansurok. We are amazed how God took full control of everything during our stay there. We let Him use us the way He wanted us to be. It was nothing of our own doing, but all Him. He instilled in all of us a tremendous amount of boldness and faith. He filled us with the Holy Spirit so that when we go forth and share the Word, we know everything is under His hand. God touched and changed our lives first before He worked in us to touch other people’s lives.

God was a father, a healer, a deliverer, and provider to the people of Kansurok and to us as a missions’ team. There’s no single moment where God had turned His back on any of us, instead there were countless of instances where God’s hand covered us with protection.

Once I made up my mind to go on this trip and took that first step of faith, I was stunned at how everything simply fell into place. God graciously provided the funds that the team needed to fund the mission. There was a tremendous outpouring of support from friends, family and church - we got a good amount of monetary donations, used and new clothes and other articles that the team needed for the various ministries that we had planned.

The delectable food is certainly worthy to mention plus the motherly-care of the whole family of Sister Belen Marciano. The leadership and cooperation of the team did an excellent job preparing us for the trip and leading us while we were in Kansurok. Although there are some minor setbacks, God has fixed everything and we’re all victorious!

I’ll probably end up writing a novel if I will go into details of all the occurrences of our trip for I know that each one of us has their own stories to share that could testify to God’s grace and mercy.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in this mission trip is that - if you approach the task with an earnest heart, and you take the necessary time in prayer and preparation, you’ll be amazed at the work that God can do through you.

God also used this trip as my training ground as I prepare myself to SCE Ministry. Honestly, my patience for kids is not that long - but after our Kansurok trip, God taught me to be more patient and granted me with more love and passion for the little ones.

Overall, Kansurok Mission Trip taught me about servitude. To serve God was a blessing to me and when I came back to Manila I realized that I needed to do more of that because serving God doesn’t stop in Kansurok.

Let me end my testimony, by requesting everyone to continuously pray for the people of Kansurok – that they will continue to grow in their spiritual lives and that they will keep the gospel from flowing to the ends of the earth. May the good Lord seal their hearts against worries and temptations!

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