Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bullies vs. Underdog

(originally posted on Feb 14, 2008)

Since Lozada’s appearance, anomaly in ZTE-NBN deal became the hottest topic of every group in the country again. And I’m one of the avid followers of this seige.

For the past week, I kept myself updated on the issue. I watched all the news airing the issue, I read it on the broadsheets. I guess I became obsessed on the subject.

I’m not that super nationalistic but I love the Philippines and I have my own vision and dream for the country. While watching Lozada’s testimony in the Senate, I feel his pains and fears. I guess he’s hurting because he too has his own vision and dream for the country and because of this issue, everything will be shattered. He fears that nobody will believe in him, he fears that people around him will harm him. But I guess the most important fear he had is his fear in our God.

The last time we heard and saw something like this was more than seven years ago, during ERAP impeachment trial. Everyday for as long as the trial lasted (and it went on for three months) our neighborhood rang with the collective sound of TV sets tuned in to one thing. It became so addictive it actually produced withdrawal pangs among watchers when it stopped.

During the 10-hour marathon hearing in the Senate, you could obviously see who’s the underdog and who’s the bully. Administration officials seem so firm in hitting Lozada’s testimony against them. It’s a long journey of lying in defense of their actions only to find their way back saying the truth which corroborates with Lozada’s. It’s true, big fish can be caught through its mouth, right Mr. Defensive?

The same visuals pitting the underdogs versus the schoolyard bullies in the Senator’s lane are there. The only difference being that during Estrada’s time Joker Arroyo who’s campaign tag line was “’pag bad ka, lagot ka!” was one of the underdogs while this time he is one of the bullies. All the respect I had for Joker has gone and maybe he should read over his tagline again. Juan Ponce Enrile, of course, would complain that the hearing, conducted admirably by Alan Peter Cayetano, would waste his time, as though his 80 years of life do not represent an utter waste of time, and this country’s time along with it. Miriam Santiago as always remains the devil’s advocate and calling for the stoppage of the hearing for this will only serve as promotion for those who aspire in 2010 election. You could also perceptively see who’s the administration and who’s on the opposition. hehehe

It was that “underdogs versus bullies” theme that demolished the Estrada myth in the eyes of the “masa”, turning him from the underdog-hero of his action movies to the top dog-villain of real life. And that is the theme that will undo this government. When I wasn’t cursing Lozada’s abductors last Monday, I was applauding them: “hala sige, kaya nyo yan! Banat pa ng kasinungalingan!” Maybe that’s what it will take to rouse this country from its stupor.

Just as well, can any Good be painted more brightly? Government has tried to smear Lozada black by showing him to have been scared to appear in the Senate and to have himself profited by cutting corners as a public official. He has readily admitted both and shown himself only to be as human as the best of us, people who stumble and fall but who pick themselves up, limping and staggering to the finish line.

Some people just waste their time on earth, however they live to 80 years. Others make the most of it, however they discover their true worth only at 45.

I guess we will see more of the Bullies vs. Underdog fight in the coming days! I just hope that after all this, the truth will come out and that people behind this will be penalized! Let be our God be our guide

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