Saturday, June 6, 2009

Super Evil.

(originally posted on Feb 05, 2008)

It was Oct 2001 when I first joined a national rally to oust former President Estrada. It was also the year that I finally crossed with this super popular “oust” word. The pride I had that year was high as we successfully ousted ERAP.

That year I’m very certain that what I wanted is a government reform, that I wanted a President that will serve the interest of the Philippine people, a leader who is a lesser evil!

I was a super idealistic college girl years ago. I thought that a good person can totally reform the integrity-dying government (good person does not refer to Ate Glue). My idea is simple. Put a person with high moral, integrity and honesty and the Philippines will be a better place to live in. A childish thought. Nowadays, even faith can be shamed, being honest is just a word, and integrity is a good adjective.

Even before, I was never in favor of Ate Glue (who was glued in the Palace) to be the next President. She was an Economist, she knows what’s the best and easy way to gain money to put in her pocket. She was an outstanding Master’s Degree holder that’s why she knows how to master corruption. What else? She was a big failure of EDSA 2.

Yesterday, the House of Representative was in a whole day and night session. The agenda? To oust Speaker Jose De Venecia (“oust” is really a buzzword for 7 years) And at 1am, they finally succeeded. Davao Rep. Boy Nograles is now the new Speaker of the House. Before Nograles’ speech, De Venecia delivered a 59-minute dialogue accusing Malacanang of orchestrating moves to remove him as Speaker. The speech received different reactions. People said it was just a sour-graping statement, a sentimental burst to gain sympathy from other members, others said why now?

Why now? Philippine politics is full of hypocrites. With De Venecia’s “tell all” speech, Ate Glue’s administration is shaking (well, we should remember that Ate Glue is an Economist and Master’s degree holder aside from being a liar and makapal ang mukha, let’s anticipate that she can buy all these accusations J) So let’s go back to the why now question of administration members. Why now? Because unlike you, De Venecia is now out of Ate Glue’s kingdom. He can no longer use Ate Glue’s power and influence for his own good, just like you all guys is doing! Ate Glue can no longer dictate what he should do and he should say to protect the little devil in the Palace. De Venecia is now free to clean his conscience and to fix all the mess that he did during his stay in Ate Glue’s Kingdom.

Gloria should pay for double-crossing Filipino people, for deceiving EDSA 2 supporters.

Ouster of JDV is an obvious indication that Ate Glue can make everything happens in just a snap of her fingers. She is not lesser, she is super evil!

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