Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lessons of Kansurok

It was four o’clock in the morning when I finally reached my place in Quezon City after a week-long mission trip in Kansurok, Marinduque. Although my body was tired and aching, I can’t sleep yet, the energy is still up, my heart is still worshipping GOD for all the amazing things He had done for the group and especially for me during that week.

Evidently, GOD was in control throughout the daily vacation bible school (DVBS) that we conducted for the people of Kansurok. From financial provision, good health and the great weather He gave us for the whole time of DVBS, HE is simply amazing GOD!

It was my second time to visit the people of Kansurok, and true enough it was sweeter the second time around. It was this time where I became closer to the people of Kansurok particularly to the little fellows (I miss them na!), I came to know more of the member of the mission team, developed friendship with them, and learned from their stories.

During my first time in Kansurok, God revealed to me the ministry where I can fully use my ability and that’s in SCE-Children’s ministry. God changed my heart to be more tolerant to children’s behavior and gave me so much love for the kids.

My second trip to Kansurok unveiled more of the attributes of our Lord Jesus that I should depend on. His provisions are overflowing, His promises are true, His plan is great, His power is magnificent and God will always be present through the end of times.

It also made me realized that His plans are greater than mine. All I need to do is to obey Him and to listen to His calling.

God also used this trip to open my eyes to what is truly essential in life – having God in your heart is more than enough! The contentment and peace I had because of Jesus is one of the greatest realizations of this mission.

Moreover, God taught me to open my heart in order to see His purpose for me. He taught me to fully surrender to His will and to depend on His power. God is forever faithful! (Thanks to Ate Helen, Ate Neth and Ate Ana!)

It was also an amazing experience to see God's wonderful creation - the nature. Together with the Kansurok people, Kuya Cesar, Joel and Kuya Noel, we climbed the highest peak in Kansurok, Ang Mataas na Bundok (not so obvious!)From there, you really can feel how great is our God, He is the God of wonders!

I promise that I'll be back again to serve the royal highness! :)

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