Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yesterday..Today.. and Tomorrow!

Yesterday we're fine
Yesterday we're like drinking wine
Yesterday we found friendship
A trust we hope to last!

Yesterday seemed so right
Yesterday we started it bright
Yesterday just me and you
And all my worries we're blown

But today is different
Today I feel alone
Today I'm filled with sadness
For today I lost a friend.

Today I felt distress
Today I failed a test
Today it's like I'm lost
'coz someone became a ghost.

Tomorrow is uncertain
Tomorrow can be doubtful
Tomorrow may be conditional
Maybe a promise that will not come!

Tomorrow is another day,
Tomorrow I'll endure the pain
Tomorrow I will live again
Maybe to find my way back home!

1 comment:

J.Kulisap said...

May paraan para bitiwan na ang nakaraan.

May mga bagay na mas makabubuting kalimutan na para makita naman ang iba pang nakalaan.

Mahirap magsimula ng walang kasiguruhan pero mas masarap lumaban kaysa naman naiwanan.

Great poem.